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Ether anesthesia used in mobile operating room during “war games” exercises, Plattsburg, New York, USA, 1939.

This site is devoted to exploring the history of anesthesiology. It has a physical presence in the Anesthesia Museum located in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Rutgers University, located at the Clinical academic Building, Suite 3100, 125 Patterson Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901.

All images and objects photographed in this website and in the Museum are property of Enrique Pantin, M.D. unless specified otherwise. We wanted this museum to live independently and thus we choose a “free webpage” model, because of that commercials are present (revenue goes to WordPress our great host).

All texts in BLUE are links to more information on the topic, some images are hyperlinked to additional information as well.

The webpage has several tabs and main sections that open submenus when you place the mouse over them.

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You can obtain more information about some items in the museum by exploring this webpage or by looking or downloading ANESTHESIA MUSEUM GUIDE and and look for the item by tittle or image and access the information with via QR code or the hyperlinked QR code.

This museum is only open to the public by appointment requested in advance through anesthesiamuseum@hotmail.com

Modern anesthesia started here.

Important dates and discoveries in anesthesia.

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